Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Caddyshack Masters Tournament 04.25.00

Caddyshack, one of the funniest movies of all time, celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year in style. Any self-respecting fan of comedy will be familiar with Caddyshack, its nuances, the dynamics which bind the story together and Ted Knight.

You think you’re a self-respecting fan of comedy? Are you worthy enough to wear an ugly green jacket? Then prepare to tee-off for the Caddyshack Masters Tournament.

Sith Lords are to Jedi Knights as Carl Spackler is to:
a.) Golfers
b.) Briar
c.) Bill Murray
d.) Gophers

Cleveland is to Steamer as Baby is to:
a.) Ruth
b.) Butterfinger
c.) Swimming pool
d.) The Yankees

Al is to Czervik as Lacey is to:
a.) Stacey
b.) Tracey
c.) Cagney
d.) Underall


Which actors uttered the following lines of hilarious comedy?

“You’re a lot of woman, you know that? Yeah, wanna make 14 dollars the hard way?” DANGERFIELD.

“You're rather attractive for a beautiful girl with a great body.” CHEVY CHASE

“I've sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn't want to do it. I felt I owed it to them.”

“This is a hybrid. This is a cross, ah, of Bluegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Featherbed Bent, and Northern California Sensemilia. The amazing stuff about this is, that you can play 36 holes on it in the afternoon, take it home and just get stoned to the bejeezus-belt that night on this stuff.” BILL MURRAY

“This is good stuff. I got it from a Negro. You're probably high already and you don't even know it.” JOHN F. BARMON, JR.


Songwriter Kenny Loggins, whose hit single “I’m Alright” appealed to gophers everywhere, later penned the hit song for which Kevin Bacon film about a small town in Middle America where dancing is outlawed? FOOTLOOSE

Best known for not being funny, Chevy Chase actually appeared in a few hilarious movies in addition to Caddyshack. They are Vacation, Fletch and this Steve Martin satire of life and love in Los Angeles? LA STORY

Best known for not being funny, Chevy Chase also co-starred with Carrie Fisher in which abysmal flop about midgets? UNDER THE RAINBOW

Following Caddyshack, the fabulous Bill Murray starred in the biographical Where The Buffalo Roam about what notorious, drug-addled gonzo journalist? HUNTER S. THOMPSON

Director Harold Ramis was also responsible for this time-bending Bill Murray classic titled after another species of rodentia? GROUNDHOG DAY.


In fifty words or less, describe how Caddyshack changed your life. Cite examples from the text.

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