Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Dawson Creek Film Report

The transition from TV to features isn’t an easy one. The kids of Beverly Hills 90210 couldn’t do it. Calendar Girl, Terminal Bliss and Mallrats stand as evidence.

But their bastard progeny, those angst-ridden kids of Dawson’s Creek, zip code unknown, are finding greener pastures on the Big Screen.

Katie Holmes a.k.a. Josephine “Joey” Potter
Term Paper: “Disturbingist Behavior” Katie is known for her slightly troubled characters, from her first film role as Libbets Casey in The Ice Storm to town slut, Rachel Wagner in Disturbing Behavior to the anal-retentive Claire Montgomery in Go.
Next Semester: Teaching Mrs. Tingle
Report Card: A+
Teacher’s Comments: Katie works well with others.

James Van Der Beek a.k.a Dawson Leery
Term Paper: “Varsity Blues” Even though he played backup quarterback Jonathon “Mox” Moxon in Varsity Blues, James has yet to break into Hollywood’s varsity squad. However, his freshman effort, Angus scores the winning field goal.
Next Semester: Harvest
Report Card: B-
Coach’s Comments: Keep your head in the game, son.

Joshua Jackson a.k.a. Pacey Witter
Term Paper: “Mighty Ducky Of You” Joshua has appeared in Crooked Hearts, Apt Pupil, and Cruel Intentions but is fondly remembered as Charlie Conway in The Mighty Ducks Trilogy.
Next Semester: Skulls
Report Card: A
Teacher’s Comments: Joshua is a joy to have in class.

Michelle Williams a.k.a Jennifer “Jen” Lindley
Term Paper: “Films About Female Puberty” Since her first film, Dear Diary: A Film About Female Puberty, Michelle has appeared as a pubescent girl in films from A Thousand Acres to Halloween H20 to this summer’s, Dick.
Coming Up Next: But I’m A Cheerleader
Report Card: B
Teacher’s Comments: Michelle would be a solid A student if she applied herself more.
Monica Keena a.k.a Abby Morgan
Term Paper: “While You Were Sleeping” Since her starring role in A Promise Kept: The Oksana Baiul Story, Monica has appeared in While You Were Sleeping, The Devil’s Advocate and the upcoming Crime and Punishment In High School.
Next Semester: The Simian Line
Report Card: B-
Teacher’s Comments: Monica tries really hard.

Kerr Smith a.k.a.Jack McPhee
Term Paper: “Kissing & Telling” A relative newcomer, Kerr came to Dawson’s Creek, like James, from the daytime soap, As The World Turns. This year, he made the leap to features with Kiss & Tell and Hit and Runway.
Next Semester: Flight 180
Report Card: C+
Teacher’s Comments: Since Kerr transferred mid-semester, it’s too early to tell.

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