Saturday, January 13, 2007

Movie Review: Next Friday 1 Star

Racist, scatological, violent, sophomoric. But don’t be fooled! This movie is no good.

I tend to like my comedies with lots of comedy in them, but that’s just me. Mssrs. Cube and Pooh, writers of the script, apparently forgot to add jokes to this structureless, storyless screenplay. Or maybe director Steve Carr made an executive decision to cut out all the jokes in the editing room. Regardless, Next Friday lacks jokes of any kind and what remains onscreen are hackneyed characters, tired premises and plenty of doo-doo references.

Friday was funny for one reason alone: Chris Tucker. There is no Chris Tucker in this movie.

Next Friday picks up four years after Friday left off. Neighborhood bully, Debo (Tiny Lister) busts out of prison to exact revenge upon Craig (Ice Cube), who, as we all remember, gave Debo quite a thrashing in the hood. Craig goes into hiding in the suburbs and here’s where the story ends. The rest is merely introduction upon introduction of wacky characters who add nothing to the plot. Plot? What plot?

The three characters, Joker (Jacob Vargas), Lil Joker (Lobo Sebastian) and Baby Joker (Rolando Molina) are the only characters that are remotely funny, and merely because of a disturbing reference to American Me. Beyond that, Next Friday has a good soundtrack.

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