Saturday, January 13, 2007

Movie Review: Superstar 3 Stars

Your reticence at seeing another movie based on a sketch character from Saturday Night Live (or any source, really) is understandable. Certainly The Coneheads and A Night At The Roxbury are enough to make one avoid SNL movies for life. But I challenge you to give Superstar a chance. Not that it’s gonna change the world, but Superstar is a charming and often very funny little film.

Mary Katherine Gallagher (Molly Shannon) is an anxious schoolgirl, who, like most teenagers, is consumed by certain cravings that prevent her from living a normal life. The object of her obsession, popular boy, Sky (Will Farrell), doesn’t even know that Mary Catherine Gallagher exists. To woo him over, Mary Katherine Gallagher decides to become a movie star and the wackiness ensues.

In Kid-In-The-Hall Bruce McCulloch’s capable hands, an otherwise trite teen romance becomes a surprisingly dark, and yet somehow very sweet, love story. Molly Shannon’s endearing characterization of Mary Katherine Gallagher and Will Farrell’s awkward Sky breathe freshness into cliché high school archetypes. The supporting cast, including MTV personality, Tom Green and Kid-In-The-Hall’s, Mark McKinney, lend their comic talents to this refreshing effort.

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