Friday, January 12, 2007

ON THE VERGE: Sarah Silverman 01.06.99

WOMAN ON THE VERGE: Sarah Silverman

KNOWN AS: The funniest person in the world; Little Miss Pottymouth.

• Stand-Up Comic
• A featured performer on Saturday Night Live in the 1993-94 season.
• Sarah took a field trip up your mom’s butt on Mr. Show.
• Sarah was Wendy, the new writer, in the last season of The Larry Sanders Show.
• Legendary among Trekkies as Rain Robinson in Star Trek: Voyager two-part episode “Future’s End.”
• Blink and you’ll miss her in Bulworth.
• There’s Something About Mary’s friend Brenda, the girl who offered the advice on personal ads, “You have to be specific when you write those. You have to say ‘Seeking deaf mute with, you know, three-pound c*ck and a trust fund.’”

• Sarah and stand-up buddy Doug Benson are developing her sitcom, Susan Says Cheese for Columbia TriStar TV.
• Sarah plays Carolyn in the Chris O’Donnell romantic comedy, The Bachelor.

• In 2000, Sarah stars in Foolproof, the new comedy by the writers of Ed Wood, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Man on the Moon. Oh yeah, and Problem Child.
• Sarah will also make a cameo in the Garry Shandling film, What Planet Are You From? If Susan Says Cheese is picked up and takes off, Sarah will be poised for Indie Queendom.

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