Monday, January 15, 2007

The Skinny On... Courtney Love

NAME: Courtney Love

GIVEN NAME: Love Michelle Harrison

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: July 9, 1964 in San Francisco, CA

CHINESE ZODIAC SIGN: Year of the Dragon (lady). Courtney is outwardly stubborn and short-tempered. However, when she isn’t busy flipping somebody off or grabbing her crotch and cursing out an audience, Courtney tends to be very gentle, sensitive and softhearted. A symbol of life, growth, riches, virtue and harmony, the Dragon gets along best with Rat, Monkey or Snake people. Those born in the year of the Dog should stay clear. Kurt Cobain was born in the Year of the Ram.

NAME ANAGRAM: There are two distinct camps: “Very cool tune” and “You not clever.”

BLINK & YOU’LL MISS HER IN: Sid & Nancy, as Nancy Spungen’s best friend, Gretchen.

PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS & NOMINATIONS: Won awards from the New York Film Critics and Chicago Film Critics, and nominated for a Golden Globe Award, for her work as the girlfriend of a misunderstood pornographer, Larry Flynt (Woody Harrelson) in The People vs. Larry Flynt.

SEE HER NOW AS: The girlfriend of misunderstood comedian, Andy Kaufman (Jim Carrey) in Man On The Moon.

NOTICING A TREND?: Courtney has been cast as the wife of misunderstood Naked Lunch author, William Burroughs (Kiefer Sutherland) in Beat.

BETTER LEFT OFF THE RESUME: Was “let go” from her job as a stripper by a Los Angeles club for being “too pudgy.”

CHILDHOOD NICKNAME: Kids in school called her “Pee Girl” in reference to her seldomly laundered togs.

IF ACTING DOESN’T PAN OUT: Courtney will have little problem paying the rent. Her band, Hole’s last two albums, Live Through This and Celebrity Skin, have gone multi-platinum.

“S-A, T-U-R, D-A-Y NIGHT!”: Courtney’s production company, Epitome Productions, owns the film rights to Bye, Bye Baby, a book about Scottish ‘70s pop stars, The Bay City Rollers.

AMALGAM OF: Equal parts Nancy Spungen, Yoko Ono, Roseanne and Janis Joplin

CELEBRITY HOOK UP: Has been romantically linked to every male singer this side of Tony Orlando.

SIX DEGREES OF WILLIE AAMES: Courtney garnered all sorts of acclaim in The People v. Larry Flynt with Woody Harrelson… who, for some reason, made The Cowboy Way with Kiefer Sutherland… who sported a nasty crewcut in A Few Good Men with Jack Nicholson… who played the President in Mars Attacks! with Pam Grier… who made an appearance in Posse with fellow blaxspoitation star Richard Roundtree… who starred as the title character in Shaft opposite… Willie Aames!

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