Monday, January 8, 2007

The Skinny On…Michael Biehn 03.22.00

NAME: Michael Biehn

ANAGRAM: Him Enable Chi

ORIGIN: July 31, 1956, Aniston, Alabama

POSSE: Biehn appeared in three James Cameron films beginning with The Terminator, which also starred Bill Paxton and Lance Henriksen. Cameron reunited the three in Aliens and would cast Biehn again in The Abyss as Navy SEAL, Lt. Coffey.


FORGOTTEN FILM CLASSIC: The Lords of Discipline.

NEXT ON THE PLATE: The Art of War with Wesley Snipes

LONG LOST RELATIVE?: L.L. Bean? Mr. Bean? Batman’s formidable foe, Bane?

DEFINING QUOTE: “Pain can be controlled, you just disconnect it.”

SIX DEGREES OF WILLIE AAMES: Michael Biehn was the villainous Johnny Ringo in Tombstone with Bill Paxton… who was in One False Move written by and starring Billy Bob Thornton… who created the character of retarded murderer Karl Childers in the highly-acclaimed Sling Blade with John Ritter… whose film debut was in the Western Scandalous John starring Brian Keith… who starred in one of the most overlooked films of the century, The Yakuza written by Paul Schrader… who also wrote Taxi Driver starring Robert Deniro as Travis Bickle and, as a 12-year-old prostitute named Iris, …the amazing Willie Aames.

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