Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sundance Film Fest Digest 01.25.00

Good afternoon Mr. & Mrs. Internet and all you I/O ports-of-call. Dateline Park City, Utah, Sundance Film Festival 2000, with all your best bets for latenight fetes. Shall we? Let’s…

Creative Coalition Coalesces for Coffee

The Creative Coalition, an arts activism alliance, co-hosted a cafĂ© congregation with dotcom flicker ticker, The Hollywood Stock Exchange. There were plenty of crumpets and even some sushi, but no sign of actor Stanley Tucci, who couldn’t attend because on Saturday he became a proud father of Two-ccis! Congratulations to the director of Big Night on his big day! Joe Gould’s Secret?—boxers.

Chuck & Buck No Suck

Mulligan’s a stew of crews and brews. A bedazzling bob-haired barkeep poured perfect pulls of Guinness at Blow Up Productions’ soiree for Chuck & Buck at Main Street Mulligan’s. Flash! Chuck & Buck had all the good luck, the first film plucked up, pre-nupped before Monday’s sunup. Artisan Entertainment, who projected good things last year for Blair Witch, will distribute the pic.

Johnny Law Splits Atom

Good sports and distributors of shorts, Atom Films blasted a Bacchanalian bash of biblical proportions busted by the bobbies in blue, Park City’s finest. The Five-O flew in, found the felonious flappers filing out of their frocks and into the hot tub.

Sweet and Sundown

Sundance, Slamdance, now Jamdance? While AMFAR toasted the recording industry across town, Jamdance hosted recording artists at Harry O’s. Headliner Matthew Sweet swung in with a sizzling set of sweltering songs. Famous festers included Emilio Estevez, Ethan Hawke, Shawn Colvin and the most famous Knight in Satan’s Service Gene Simmons, who rock-and-rolled all night and, one can only assume, partied ev-er-y day.

You keep a’ shoutin’, you keep a’shoutin’, and I’ll keep you informed of all the skinny, the lowdown, the hush-hush and the sticky that’s fit to print.

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